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Grow Up! Be A Man!

Normally my blogs and site are focused more on shooting, strength training and fitness, strongman and martial arts, however I believe that strong character is something that seems to be seriously lacking in our society lately and after something my … Continue reading

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Simple mistakes can cost your score

I’ve been working my way up the NSCA classifications for the past 2 years now.  My opportunities to shoot NSCA competitions are peppered through out the year so it takes a while when doing it that way.  Particularly if some … Continue reading

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Tip of the Week – Shooting on a pistol range

Gun handling and an outdoor range – Is there any difference between indoor and outdoor? As you may know an outdoor range generally does not have a stall with visual blinds on either side of you to block your view of … Continue reading

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Sheriff Grady Judd’s Bustin’ Clays Event 2012

Sheriff Grady Judd is the sheriff of the county I live in.  He is a nationally well-known sheriff who is probably most well known for the comment made to Fox News when a day long man-hunt for a criminal who … Continue reading

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