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Training and Competing Out-of-State

For the remainder of August and most of September I’ll be in New Orleans, LA. My slightly younger cousin, Mackenzie Hughes, is attending NOCCA Culinary Academy (New Orleans Center for Creative Arts).  She auditioned to get a spot for her … Continue reading

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Winter Strength Camp – Sarasota, FL, January!

January 15-18th The Winter Strength Camp will be taking place in Sarasota, FL. I will be teaching Thursday’s training sessions so register now to secure your spot.  You can sign up for the entire incredible camp featuring Frank DiMeo, Eric … Continue reading

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Grow Up! Be A Man!

Normally my blogs and site are focused more on shooting, strength training and fitness, strongman and martial arts, however I believe that strong character is something that seems to be seriously lacking in our society lately and after something my … Continue reading

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Simple mistakes can cost your score

I’ve been working my way up the NSCA classifications for the past 2 years now.  My opportunities to shoot NSCA competitions are peppered through out the year so it takes a while when doing it that way.  Particularly if some … Continue reading

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Tip of the Week – Shooting on a pistol range

Gun handling and an outdoor range – Is there any difference between indoor and outdoor? As you may know an outdoor range generally does not have a stall with visual blinds on either side of you to block your view of … Continue reading

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Sheriff Grady Judd’s Bustin’ Clays Event 2012

Sheriff Grady Judd is the sheriff of the county I live in.  He is a nationally well-known sheriff who is probably most well known for the comment made to Fox News when a day long man-hunt for a criminal who … Continue reading

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The Delta Classic – The Breakdown

I began shooting competitively in February of 2010 when I was 13.  In the last year and a half I’ve done a large number of NSCA, ATA and charity events.  To be honest – it’s become a blur and the … Continue reading

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How strength training relates to sporting clays accuracy

Who talks about that?  No one.   Only having been in sporting clays competition for a year and a half I have not had that much exposure to the ins and outs of the physical training other shooters use, but … Continue reading

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Delta Classic

I’m really looking forward to competing at the Delta Classic this month in Tillar, AR.   I received notice of the event about a month ago and am trying to get in all the big competitions I can before the … Continue reading

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