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Winter Strength Camp – Sarasota, FL, January!

January 15-18th The Winter Strength Camp will be taking place in Sarasota, FL.

I will be teaching Thursday’s training sessions so register now to secure your spot.  You can sign up for the entire incredible camp featuring Frank DiMeo, Eric Guttmann, Joy Bixbe, Susan DiMeo, Vince Uttermohlen and myself or just sign up per training block!

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The Thursday morning session from 9am to 1pm I will be covering:  Mental Bio-Locks – A  system of reprogramming your mind for training and life success.  

Mental Bio-Locks is the process of teaching yourself how to think while training.  This is transferable to other areas of life and revolves off a system of mental tricks to make your body do what you intend for it to do instead of its instinctive path.  In short – everyone wants to be a race car driver, but the big mistake they make is spending all of their time working on their car instead of learning of how to drive.  You can have the fastest car in the world, but if you don’t know how to drive it chances are, someone who knows how to drive will beat you in a Prius and you yourself will crash and burn.

Sign up now at CaveStrong.net

Thursday afternoon from 2pm to 6pm I will be discussing:   Short Steel Bending and Scrolling – How to build phenomenal grips for martial arts and functional strength.

Short steel bending is a great way to visibly monitor your gains in wrist, hand and grip strength.  Not only to monitor it, but to increase it exponentially for out of this world grip and mental focus to apply across all your training endeavors.  The gains from this type of training build a grip that is nearly impossible to break and in the martial arts world this is paramount.  From a functional strength perspective, steel bending builds hands, wrists, forearms and grip that is necessary and healthy for optimum longevity and mobility.

Steel scrolling is an incredible way to train in itself.  It’s essentially one long rep isometric and if you don’t already do some form of cross training, which teaches you how to breath and have cardio strength while under duress, steel scrolling is a powerful way hone this skill set.  In the world of martial arts your focus is to last as long as possible with the greatest strength, hold, endurance and aerobic capacity.  Steel scrolling builds all these facets through one long isometric movement.  During this session we will have hands-on learning.  I will teach you how to focus, control, and breath-through to bending and scrolling steel even if you think it impossible.

So hurry up and secure your spot out of the cold in Sarasota, FL at Cave Strong’s Winter Training Camp, lest your training and strength be left out in the cold for the rest of the year!  Sign up now at CaveStrong.net